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UK and International rail travel is becoming more popular in fact there was a recent study that said that in the UK rail is as popular as flights between major cities in the North and South.

Mint Business Travel has partnership agreements in place with multiple train operating companies for UK and International travel.

One of the benefits of rail travel is that a traveller can continue to work while travelling and can normally get closer to the work destination than with a flight.

Mint Business Travel can give you access to all classes of travel. While the internet has made it easy for businesses to source tickets it is still difficult to know that you have secured the best deal for your money. All of the rail operators have their own pricing structures and ticket options so its key that you use an expert to book your travel.

You can avoid queues at the railway station by having your ticket sent directly to your phone or email account but if you prefer to have a physical ticket then a Ticket on Departure can be purchased.

Using our rail ticket booking service removes the painful process of trying to work out what are the best and cheapest tickets available on any given route. Our travel consultants complete an extensive search on your behalf of all train operators and identify the lowest business fares for the preferred time to travel.

Full detailed management information on all journeys is provided along with recommendations on how further savings can be made.

So why not let Mint Business Travel book your next business trip?