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Our Service

Our business is built on solid foundations of customer service so we will work with you in the way you would like us to. We tailor our service to the way you would like to work. The first step is to list all the potential travellers and for each traveller we would like to create a traveller profile. This is to ensure we look for the right quality of hotel and class of travel along with their preferences such as front or rear facing seats on rail travel etc. Every company has its important people and if required we will prioritise travel for these people over arranging travel for others.

If a company has a travel policy we will ensure that the policy is implemented to the letter. We will deliver detailed management information to you each week to ensure that you can reconcile costs. We believe in Trust, Honesty & Great Value and we would like to work with businesses with the same values.

So why not let Mint Business Travel book your next business trip?

Business Travel FAQS

  • Why should I use a Business Travel Specialist (Known in the industry as a TMC)?

    The vast amount of information found today on travel based websites allows users to read reviews, check details and search for deals when and where they please. This ease of use for consumers has had a massive impact on the traditional high street travel agents. For business users however it can actually be misleading and make things more complicated. Having to sift through the many flight and hotel websites that exist today, as well as reading countless reviews can be time consuming and ultimately cost money. Technology today plays a more important role than ever, as Mint Business Travel utilises technology to achieve greater efficiencies in every part of their services. Examples of this are the monitoring of total and individual spend; the enforcement of travel policies and negotiated rates with specific suppliers.
  • Will using a Business Travel Specialist save me money?

    Using Mint Business Travel will save you money by taking away the time spent searching for the best deals and ultimately finding those deals that are cheaper and better than you could have found yourself. Savings would also be made by the enforcement of policies around use of specific hotels and classes of travel.
  • How will I know where my travellers are in case I need to contact them?

    Mint Business Travel will track your travellers so that if there are unforeseen circumstances such as a natural disaster or terrorist incident then they can be contacted at a minutes notice.
  • How will I know how much has been spent on travel within my Company?

    Mint Business Travel will provide management information monthly to you with the details of who has travelled where and the costs associated with that. In addition there will be recommendations on how you could save money or improve the quality of the experience for the travellers.
  • Is booking business travel with you complex?

    A simple telephone call or email to one of our specialist business travel consultants is all that is necessary. Answer a few quick questions and we will search and find the right flight/ rail journey and hotel for you. Confirm with you that this is right for you and then we book it, it’s a simple as that.
  • How do I contact Mint Business Travel to book my business trip?

    You may, complete our request for quotation form, email us with details of your trip or why not just give us a call. Our Business Travel Consultants will be pleased to discuss your trip with you.
  • Are transfers included in the price?

    Transfers can be arranged at a cost but they are not included in a flight or rail and accommodation price.

    You will need to call to speak to our Business Travel Consultants because it varies per product and whether you purchased a non-refundable type.
  • How much checked in luggage allowance is allowed, does that include cabin luggage?

    Checked in luggage allowance, whether included or purchased as an optional extra will depend on the airline that the trip is booked with. In regards to cabin luggage, this will also vary from airline to airline.

    Extra charges may occur for seat selection and this will depend on the airline that the business trip is booked with. Please speak with our business travel consultants to find out more.

    Yes. We are members of Global Travel who have ATOL Licence 3937 so if you book a flight and accommodation together then this is fully bonded with ATOL.
  • Are there any surcharges for paying via Credit Card?

    No, Mint Business Travel does not charge credit or debit card fees.

    Different airlines and operators have different payment terms but normally payment will be required up front unless credit terms have been agreed.
  • Do you have to pay in full or is it possible to pay a deposit?

    Unless credit terms have been agreed up front then full payment is normally taken at the time of booking.
  • How do I know who I am going to fly with?

    You will find out who you are flying with at the time of booking and on your booking confirmation. Flights can be changed to suit your travel arrangements but once booked unless a flexible fare is chosen then there may be a cost to do so.
  • How can I find out the flight times?

    Your Travel Consultant will have all the information on flights and they will confirm everything at the time of booking.
  • There are only a couple months left on my passport before it expires. Am I ok to travel for on it?

    It depends on where you're travelling to as different countries have different rules for entry. To check, visit the Foreign Advice Travel website for destination requirements and updates.
  • How do I renew or apply for a passport?

    Passports can be applied for online, over the phone or via post. To find out more about applications visit the UK Foreign Travel Advice website.
  • How do I find out hand luggage restrictions for my business trip?

    There are national restrictions on what can be taken on a plane in hand luggage - make sure your bag is ok by checking the UK Foreign Travel Advice website. For in cabin luggage allowance your Travel Consultant will be able to inform you at point of sale.
  • Do I need a VISA if I'm travelling outside the UK?

    Visa requirement differs from country to country so check the UK Government Foreign Travel Advice website for entry requirements.