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Mint Guides International Attendees to Conference

Mint Business Travel Provides Travel Services to The PR Network

The PR Network hired Mint to fly in professionals from  South Korea, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Holland, Denmark, France and the UK at specific times so that they could be transported to the conference venue.

On the return flights, each delegate had their own itineraries to accommodate, with some staying longer or requiring different departure airports within Europe.

Steve Hall, managing director at Mint Business Travel, said: “Fulfilling the task was immensely challenging but enjoyable. Dealing with last minute changes and individual travel itineraries is all in a day’s work for Mint.

“The job also required contingency planning in the event of bad weather. Fortunately, the weather was kind and all flights were on time.”

Client Quote

Eileen Boydell, client services director at The PR Network, said: “It was important for us to find a travel partner who we could trust to provide a quick turnaround on flights and travel schedules even at the last minute. Mint Business Travel was the obvious choice as they were nimble and flexible enough to cater to our changing needs with the level of professionalism you would expect.”

About the Author
Steve was the Operations Director of a UK based TMC (Travel Management Company) for 5 years and also runs a successful Travel Agency. He has extensive experience in both business and leisure travel, living and visiting many of the countries he recommends in his travel blogs.