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How small can hotel rooms go?

How small can hotel rooms go?

Premier Inns were innovative in rolling out budget hotels with a standard hotel room to business travellers after the recession. But the hotel chain has now come up with their latest concept hotel room which is even more budget than their current chain.

ZIP by Premier Inn

They have called their new hotels Zip by Premier Inn. The concept is pretty cool they are designed as a room to sleep in with some extra facilities.

  • Comfy Bed
  • Power Shower
  • Free Wifi with a plug by the bed to charge your phone
  • A TV
  • All packed into 8.5 sq mts
  • Downstairs there is a chill out area, a bar for drinks and snacks and workstations and booths

It doesn’t have;

  • A fancy Lobby
  • A trouser press
  • A Bath

The promotional video says they are simply brilliant rooms focused on short stays with twin beds that slide together to make a double. All from £19 per night.

The first build is due to complete in Cardiff with other locations coming on quickly afterwards.

How does it work?

There is random allocation of your room on check in so you can’t ask for a specific room in advance. Some rooms have a window while some have a light box instead. There is a separate ironing room if you do need to press your clothes.

In terms of cleaning, rooms will only be cleaned every three days unless you pay an extra £5 per day if you’d like it cleaned daily.

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