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Booking Business Travel

Booking Business Travel

When we go on holiday or for a city break we book our own train tickets, package holidays, hotel and sometimes even our flight. We use the internet to search and book. Behind the scenes however the sites that we get directed to are being controlled by Corporations who spend £100s of thousands to get you to their website.

It’s time consuming; you may go onto several sites before you choose the one you’d like to book and because of the google adwords or similar SEO tactics you may not be seeing the best or most appropriate deal for you.

For Business Travel this all time consuming and complex because it normally has to fit in with a busy meeting schedule as well. Being presented with multiple options can also be overwhelming and stressful for the PA or Executive Assistant who is tasked to complete it.

Travel Management Companies (TMC)

Personal Service

TMCs pride themselves in getting to know your travellers. Someone who knows your travellers and their requirements has already a head start when it comes to booking travel. TMCs have systems in place to know that Mr Brown likes to face forward when he travels by rail and he only likes feather pillows when he stays at a hotel. Or in the simplest of cases already has a record of the frequent flyer number for a particular airline.


TMCs have the experience of not only managing travel on behalf of companies but they are more often than not extensive business travellers themselves so have experienced it from both angles. They can find the most cost-effective combinations and options in a shorter time than it would take a PA or traveller.


There will be occasions when a company will want to find its travellers at short notice. It may be a major company announcement or it may be a natural disaster or terrorist incident. A TMC like Mint Business Travel can track travellers through global positioning systems and will be able to contact them wherever they are in the world. Companies have a duty of care responsibility to make sure that their employees travelling on business are safe and this is one way this responsibility can be achieved.

This message is simple. By using a Travel Management Company, you can create an effective travel policy, save invaluable hours in man power and keep your travellers safe. To find out how we can help you, call us to discuss your travel requirements.

About the Author
Steve was the Operations Director of a UK based TMC (Travel Management Company) for 5 years and also runs a successful Travel Agency. He has extensive experience in both business and leisure travel, living and visiting many of the countries he recommends in his travel blogs.